Have you ever thought about why we call it Good Friday? Good for whom? Of course we understand that what we are saying is that it is good for us since Christ paid the price for our sins; but it wasn’t really a good thing for Christ.

The reason I say it wasn’t good for him is because of the pain and anguish that he went through that day. The beating would have been terrible, the scourging horrible, and the crucifixion was designed to kill a person in the most painful of ways. But beyond that there was something even more horrible taking place.

You see, while we see it as a good thing that our sins were poured out on Christ that day almost 2000 years ago, it was a horrible thing for that very fact! If it wasn’t for our sins there would have been no reason for Christ to suffer. Think about that next time you sin; think about the fact that Jesus died for that. I’ve had to do this in my own life – I’ll commit a sin, say being angry at my children, and then I think, Jesus died for that.

What an amazing God we have that he was willing to sacrifice everything to redeem us. Truly he held nothing back even though he got the raw end of the deal. So while we call this “Good Friday,” and it is for us, but consider this day what sins Christ had to take today in order for you to be with him.