Dirty Laundry

Today was Hawaiian shirt day. The thing I like about this style of shirts is that are very comfortable (when they fit) and they give a wonderful impression of relaxation. When I preach I usually wear one (a solid color or one with a simple flair, nothing over the top) so they are also a work shirt in a sense.

After going through the few that were in the closet I had to scour the room to find the rest. In fact even after I thought I had them all I continued to find a few more. In total there were thirty-six (36) shirts. Again a month’s supply of just shirts! With the thirty from yesterday and the ones from today, that’s sixty-six shirts. We haven’t even gotten to t-shirts, dress shirts, and all the other types of clothing! Wow.

Going through this pile was also much more difficult than the polos from yesterday. There are a few that I have an attachment too, and allowed myself to keep those even though one is a little tight. Most of the shirts just plain didn’t fit. Staining didn’t seem to be an issue, but the fit was awful. That made things easy, but when I got down to the remaining shirts, that was harder.

Most of the shirts I had are very nice. In fact my wife came in today while I was sorting the pile and commented, “You’re getting rid of that! I love that shirt.” Thankfully I could explain that it didn’t fit and it made it a little easier to part with. That brings up an interesting point.

This endeavor to unclutter much of my life is mostly something that I am working through. My wife hasn’t gotten on board just yet (and she’ll freely admit it so I’m not gossiping) so when she makes a commit like the one above, it can be easy to be distracted by the end goal. But I’m determined. I want to have a simpler life and right now our house is preventing that. Doing the laundry shouldn’t be a month-long process just to get through the stuff that is already dirty!

So, after all was said and done I got down to ten shirts. Twenty six more off to Savers and another $3 coupon for any future purchases. After yesterday’s post I got to thinking that I forgot to include the biblical principle for this.

“If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell.” Matthew 5:29

While you may not see having a cluttered life as sinful Jesus is saying that anything that causes you to be separated from God needs to be dealt with, no matter how far you have to go. For me a cluttered house distracts me from God. Time that could be spent in prayer or study or spending time with my family and friends is instead spent being frustrated and angry at the condition of our house.

I’ll encourage you again: what do you have in your life that is keeping you from focusing on Christ? Remove it! Do whatever you have to, to “cut off your hand” so that you can focus on Christ and his kingdom.

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