One interesting aspect of the house cleaning that has been going on lately is that it has really helped me to think about my priorities. Another thing that probably helped was that our Wii is not functioning at the moment. This really helps one focus on what is important in life.

Now I love to play video games; I’m a geek through-and-through and it really was a great way of spending time. Even our kids enjoyed playing an occasional game on the Wii and it was something that we could usually do together. But here lately I’ve been spending less and less time gaming and more times on other things. In fact I don’t even spend nearly as much time on my laptop as I once did.

Yet just because I’ve been gaming less doesn’t mean I’ve had more time on my hand. I’ve been spending time baking in the kitchen which has been a lot of fun (and the fun is great too). Most of my time is taken up by doing things around the house; cleaning a room here, some dishes there, folding the laundry. There is plenty that one can do to fill the time when a hobby goes away.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this “free time” is that it really has given me a chance to consider the various things in my life and what is important to me. For me those things really boil down to God and family.

I love my family – spending time with them in whatever fashion that may take is some of the most enjoyable times that I have. It may be something as simple as making a piggy bank with my son out of a used jar of jelly (which he was very excited about). Reading a book with my daughter or helping her with her homework. Spending time talking to my wife about her day and what’s going on in her life. Those things really bring me joy.

Even though I love my family, I love my God more. That might sound strange but think about what Jesus said in Luke 14:26:

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”

The context is a large crowd is following Jesus after he has given the parable about the wedding feast. While there was a lot of people physically following Jesus he doesn’t just want the physical numbers to come after him. Jesus wants a person to trust in him and to follow after him not with just their body but with their spirit, and their heart, and their strength.In fact right after that Jesus commands that if someone wants to follow him they must pick up their cross and follow him.

While I love my family and do all that I can to show my love for them, I love Jesus more. Now to put things in perspective, I follow after Jesus by loving my family. You see the two really go hand-in-hand.

Our vertical relationship with Jesus is worked out in our horizontal relationships with one another. The way I develop greater love for God is by doing the things that he has commanded us to do. Loving family is just one of those ways.

One last note: another priority that has come back into my life is writing. When I was in high school I was a big writer. I wrote mountains of poetry and I have a few short stories that I developed. But as life got busier that habit dropped by the wayside unless I was writing for a paper at school. I think I lost a lot of creativity during that time as well which is something I dislike about my current place in life.

The reason I started to blog was because it was a way to communicate what was going on in my life and hopefully bless other people as a result. My purpose in life is to help people obey all that Jesus commanded. As that works itself out in my life I’ll share it here and hopefully encourage you to think about your spiritual life. One of my goals is to write something everyday but Sunday so that I get back into the habit of writing, develop my skills, and encourage people to obey Christ in every area of their lives.

How about you? Take an honest look at your life and question where your true priorities are. Remember Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

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