Sarah Helps with SoundYes, that’s my daughter over there on the right. On the first Sunday of every month I serve working the sound board at our church. I’ve been running sound boards at various churches over the years so it was a natural thing for me to do when we joined our current. As our daughter has gotten older she started taking an interesting in all things related to computers.

As you can see in the image we project our words for the songs during worship. Usually as a one man show I monitored both the sound and the slides – until my daughter put me out of job (so to speak).

That picture was taken last year when she was in first grade. As her reading skills got better we found that she would watch the computer monitor more than the screen, probably because it’s so close and easy to read. And since she loved to play on the computer at home and at school, she wanted to know what I was doing to make the slide move.

I have to admit that the first time she asked to do run it I said “no,” after all that was a “big person” job. Sigh, well she kept asking and finally I relinquished control and let her try. That morning I watched her like a hawk; but you know what, she did a great job and had a lot of fun.She’s been doing it ever since whenever I run sound, and has helped out too on those days when I was occupied and unable to assist when the other gentlemen was running sound.

One of the things that I think we do far to often is to marginalize our kids. We push them off to their classes and we don’t really consider all the things that they can do. Not only that but in most churches they don’t ever get to see faith in action!

Something we do in our church which I really love, and even pushed a little for, is that the kids stay with the adults up until the point of the sermon. They sing with us, they receive communion with us, and they give with us. I think it’s important that kids get a chance to watch their parents and see them practicing their faith. Of course this shouldn’t just be a Sunday experience, but that’s a discussion for another day.

My point is this: if you have kids is there something around the church that they could be doing to learn the importance of serving? Maybe you clean the buildings during the week – bring them with you! How about teaching a class – ask what questions they have about God and the Bible. Get creative and get your whole family involved in serving Jesus.