Perhaps the only thing I don’t like about Sunday’s is the time from waking up to getting out the door. Most of this has to do with the fact that I only get a couple hours of sleep, which really doesn’t help Hannah out all that much.

It’s inevitable that the kids will start fighting – it doesn’t matter what it’s about, they are going to fight about something in that short time on Sunday morning. Not only that but they also will wake up especially early on the one day that Hannah can sleep in a little. Of course there will also be nothing for breakfast because it is the end of the week so finding something to eat just adds to the hassle.

Next on the agenda is getting the kids, and ourselves, dressed. Again since it’s the end of the week the laundry needs to be done so the question becomes, “What are the kids going to wear?!?!” We finally get something on them, pull something out of the closet for ourselves, grab a cup of coffee and run out the door late.

I think for most parents this is a normal thing that is part of life. My problem though is this: we are getting ready to go to gathering of brothers and sisters for the purpose of worshiping together and receiving instruction in the Word. What part of the morning really prepares us to enter the throne room of God?

Here are some practical steps to take to make getting out the door to worship our Saviour maybe a little more meaningful for the whole family.

  1. Set out your clothes the night before.
    This one seems like it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but when you are rushed in the morning, not having to worry about what you are going wear helps save time and headaches. For us, the struggle is getting the laundry done so that there is something to wear. The solution for us is to do the laundry on Friday or Saturday. Not only does this get the clothes ready for Sunday, but also means that we can spend more time together on Sunday instead of working on laundry.
  2. Plan out breakfast, at least mentally, the night before.
    Eggs and bacon? Pancakes? Yogurt and some fruit? If you are in the habit of making a weekly menu then this one isn’t as bad for you. We tend to be a family that doesn’t make a menu though, so, invariably when it’s meal time the question is, “What’s to eat?” This is one that I’m trying to get better at, but it’s still a struggle. If you know you are going to be out and about, take some time before you go and look through the cupboards. Think about the next morning and what you might want then and then think about what you will need to prepare the meal. Simple things tend to work best too. Scrambled eggs can be made in a large batch for almost no additional time. Slap some butter on a piece of home made toast and you’re done!
  3. Put Bibles together by the door.
    There is nothing more frustrating than getting to church and forgetting your Bible at home. If you have something by your front door simply drop everyone’s Bible on it before bed and you can grab the stack on your way out. Another solution is to take two minutes and put them out in the car. No brainier, right?
  4. Pray.
    We’ve talked about taking care of the physical needs, but how about the spiritual? Take some time the night before and pray together as a family. Ask God to make the morning less stressful; ask there to be no distractions or fighting. We would much rather be thinking about what the preacher is saying than what was said in anger on the way to church!
  5. Sing worship songs in the car on the way.
    You know you are going to be singing when you get to service so why not warm up in the car. Kids will pick up the songs pretty quickly and there are some excellent worship cd’s out there that are good for the kids too (our favorite is the Veggie Tales Worship).

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of how to make next Sunday the best encounter with God that it can be!