Yesterday we took the kids to the cheap theater and saw the Disney Movie, G-Force. The movie is about a group of FBI trained guinea pigs that are trying to establish themselves as legitimate special agents, and save the world.

First, let me discuss the good things. The movie is very well made; the CGI on the animals is top-notch and is what you would expect from a Disney film. The voice acting is also right on and the actors really do a good job of making the characters come to life. The human acting is decent, but the humans aren’t the stars so that’s to be expected.

As for story, as an adult I was able to enjoy the film and get into the story. It is a very basic story however: group gets discredited even though they have the right info, they redeem themselves, and the world is saved. As an aside I notice more and more that story telling really sticks to the same themes a lot!

The bad: the film deals with some pretty heavy subjects for a kids film. Several times throughout the movie my wife turned to me because the scene was very sad. There are times when the animals are mistreated, their back stories are very tragic. There is also a betrayal that takes place in the film which, when it is revealed, is pretty tragic. Also at a couple of points you think that one of the good guys dies, but you find out that everything was okay. It’s still some pretty tragic stuff though. The other thing is that the movie ends with some pretty spectacular violence. So if you are sensitive to such things keep that in mind.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and my kids did too. Our daughter, who is seven, was a little disturbed towards the end when the betrayal happened, which is a completely understandable emotion to have at that point. There is a subtle message in the film though which should be addressed.

Humans suck. The film really puts the animals as the super intelligent, super heroes, while the humans are the bumbling idiots who make for comic relieve. In fact the “scientist” who worked on the project is rather dimwitted and his assistant more so (which is not helped by the fact that she has two lines the whole movie).

When we look to the Bible we don’t see this kind of portrayal of the human race. Man isn’t simply the most evolved species on the planet. We’re created in the image of God! We are a unique creation, one that God gave freewill too (though we screwed it up)! And while there are those people out there that may be a little on the “bumbling” side, they are no less the image of God than you or I.

So would I recommend the movie? Sure. It was an enjoyable film with a good story and effects, just understand that there are some darker themes and moments in the movie that younger viewers may need help in understanding.