As we continue to look at some of the aspects of theology and how they impact our lives, today I wanted to examine the doctrine of Christology (about Jesus Christ). After all, for Christians, he’s kinda a big deal.

When we start to think about Jesus there are a couple of things that we have to understand. First, he was completely human. Some people theorize that he was not really human, or was only partially human, or some other strange view. The fact is, Jesus was human just like anyone else. He got hungry and thirsty (John 4:7), he could get tired (Matt 8:24), everything that you and I can suffer through.

The other thing that we need to state is that he was also fully God. Jesus helped to create the world (John 1:1; 8:58) and existed with God at the beginning. He is also the “image of the invisible God (Col 1:15).” Just like with the human view there are some other wacky ideas out there about the deity of Jesus as well. Some think that Jesus is an entirely new being, a mixing of the human and divine. Some hold that the Spirit of Christ came upon the human Jesus and then left before he was crucified. The Bible doesn’t teach those; it teaches that he was just as much God as he was human.

The thing that I struggle with is the human aspect of Jesus. It seems easy to understand that Jesus is God, it’s much more difficult for me to get my head around the fact that he was human. Because he was human he was tested just like we were. Really? Jesus had sexual temptations? Yep (John 8:1-11). He was tempted to lie? Sure. He was tempted to not do all that God asked of him? Of course (Mark 14:36). That is much harder for me to understand.

There is comfort in the fact that Jesus was fully human. Because he was human he understands all that I go through. Hebrews 4:15 tells us:

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.

That should give us huge comfort and encouragement. Those times when I’m really struggling with a sin I can turn to Jesus because he’s been there just like me. I can go to him when I’m depressed; he’s been there. I can tell him about my successes; he’s been there too! Jesus understands us because he is one of us.

In the same fashion because he is God he is able to save us! Hebrews 7:25 tells us that he always is there to make intercession for us. That same verse tells us that he is able to save us! You may feel hopeless but Jesus can help us, he’s God! He can do anything!

This of course is just a small sampling of who Christ is and what he has done. We can take courage in the fact that we have a God who understands us (yes, even the oddballs like myself). We will never understand how the whole “fully God, fully man” thing works, but that’s okay. Some times not every mystery gets solved. Take heart in the fact that we worship a God who is greater than all we can imagine and provides for us even when we didn’t deserve it. Give Jesus the praise today for being such an amazing God and Savior.