Well, today was the day; the day in which all of my schooling over the last few years was put to the test. I must say that this was a very interesting experience and one that I do not regret in the end (stress and all).

The examiners were Dr. Bing Hunter, Dr. John DelHousaye, and Dr. Justin Smith. Of that group I’ve only really know John. I’ve had one class with Justin Smith, and Dr. Hunter is the VP of the school whom I’ve only spoken too in passing.

In all there was about a dozen questions, everything ranging from, “Explain the gospel,” to, “What is Open Theism,” and, “What is the role of women in ministry?” They really ran the gambit and covered a lot of ground. There were some terms that in the stress of the moment I just couldn’t remember and some things that came right to mind and I had no trouble answering.

After everything was done I was dismissed from the room and had to wait for an hour before getting the results. In the end…I passed!

There is no words that can describe how relieved I am and how thankful I am to God for the way things went. Just four more classes and I’m done. Hallelujah!