Blizzard, the makers of World of Warcraft, recently introduced a new content patch which added all kinds of fun little things to the game as well as new dungeons to explore, new gear to acquire, and the close of a story line that has been going on for almost 7 years. One of the new things that was introduced was a new system for getting a party together. (Stick with me there is a point to all this 🙂

In the past getting a group together could take a very long time – this of course was frustrating for the players as it greatly limited the amount of things that could get done for those with limited time. In this new system the game will basically pick a random dungeon and 4 other random people and throw you into it. There are added rewards for using the system and the part that interested me was a new title. A title is a little, well, title, that you get to add to the end of your name. There are lots of titles already in the game that you can earn by doing certain things. The new title is “the Patient.” The way you earn this new title is by using the new Looking for Group feature 50 times.

In some ways this is kind of like life; life is full of stuff that you want to do though the people you are surrounded with may complicate the experience. One example that comes to mind is school projects. I’m the kind of person that would rather do all the work myself and be dependent on myself than have to rely on other people to get the work done. Thankfully there have been very few such projects during my time in Seminary. For some I’m sure just going to work everyday can be a trial!

Like most things in life the way in which you look at a situation will affect the way you think or act in a given situation. As a general rule if you don’t like your job, just getting out of bed in the morning is going to be hard. Sure you’ll do it, but your attitude is probably not the greatest and there are a thousand other things that you would rather be doing. But one needs money in our world today, and so you get out of bed and head to the office.

Instead of focusing on the things that you don’t like, why not focus on the benefits. In the current American economy be thankful that you actually have a job! After all there are lots of people out there right now that would be willing to take your place. Maybe concentrate on your fellow employees and the relationships that you have with them. Work usually isn’t too bad if you have someone to share it with. There are other examples but you get the idea.

The same is true with our spiritual lives. Just getting up in the morning and reading the Bible may not be the most exciting thing in the world (at first anyway), but if you focus on the end result of having a better relationship of God and a better understanding of your faith, it makes it much easier to do. Sharing the gospel with other people can be difficult, but if you think about the place they will be headed if they don’t believe in Jesus it provides some motivation.

Just like in a game if you focus on the reward, or the character quality, or whatever your goal may be, then doing the boring stuff is easy. And if you don’t have a goal spend some time and think one up!