With the New Year in full swing I thought I’d share my goals for this year:

1) Graduate from Seminary! Barring anything major happening in our life this one will happen naturally!

2) Post 5 times a week. I found that 6 posts was stretching the creative juices a little much and I really needed more than just Sunday to recharge (since Sunday’s can be very busy). With that in mind I’m going to stick to a Monday through Friday posting schedule which should help a little with the writers block/fatigue.

3) Clean the house. I really started writing a lot when I went through the process of cleaning out my clothes and I want to build on that this year by doing a lot more around the house to make presentable. That will include things like going through the kids toys, the movie collection, appliances, etc and getting rid of a lot of excess things that we don’t really need. The secondary goal to that is having people over to our house when it gets into a state that is fit for outsiders!

4) Lose 30 lbs. Right now I’m about 230 lbs and have really gone up and down over the last view years. Thankfully I’m better off than I was a couple of years ago when I hit 260! This year I want to get down to 200 lbs which will get me a lot closer to my overall goal of 180 lbs. This one is really going to be the tough one because I love to eat, and don’t really enjoy working out. Watching what I eat will help a lot with that and if I can get in even some basic exercise like walking the dogs that will really help.

5) Find a job! This one really goes along with the first goal but I think it’s big enough to warrant it’s own separate item. Since I’ll be graduating in May I want to actually put my skills and education to practical use. TO that end I’ve started working with our pastor on getting the necessary things together like a resume, list of references, sermon CD’s, etc.

Wish me luck and hopefully 2010 is filled with success!