So did you like the lack of a post yesterday? Gotcha! If you read my New Years resolution page you’ll see that one of the things I mentioned was having a regular posting schedule of 5 days a week. That is my goal and something I’m working towards but the irony of missing a post right after saying that was too much to pass up. Of course that’s only part of the story.

My wife and son are recovering from strep throat at the moment which makes life a little more daunting. In fact my wife actually slept for almost 2 days straight because she was feeling so ill. So having to spend additional time picking up the extra work that she would normally be doing threw thing off. The other thing was that on Monday I woke up and had severe pain in my back. No idea where it came from but I was laid up most of the day as well because of it.

So what is the point of all those excuses? Relax. Sometimes your plans don’t always work out the way that you think they will. That’s okay! It’s okay to have a misstep and not make a goal. You don’t have to beat yourself up if you fail to meet a goal.

Another of my goals was to lose some weight. If I drop 10 lbs instead of the 30 lbs I’m working towards does that mean I’ve failed? Of course not! I still lost 10 lbs! Sure I didn’t make my goal but it’s not the end of the world. Life as I know it will not cease as a result. Many people can do with learning to relax more and enjoy life. This is the only life here that you will ever get, if you spend it worrying you’ll just make yourself miserable.