For Christmas we got the kids bikes and have slowly been teaching them how to ride. At first it was a total disaster – we tried just in the street near the house and lots of crying and complaining ensued. So instead of the street we decided to try the park that is just a short walk from the house which worked out better. The kids were able to fall into the grass and leafs which was much nicer than the concrete and they have been really starting to get the hang of it.

One of the interesting things about this experience is that you really have to think about all the steps that are necessary when it comes to riding a bike. Of course the most important part is balance and peddling. Once you find your balance the rest is pretty easy! Yet finding your balance can be really hard, not just when it comes to riding a bike, but in life as well.

We all have so many things that demand our attention that it can become overwhelming. It’s just a part of life though and is something that we need to learn to deal with. Just as when you learn to ride a bike you have to worry about pedaling and balance and braking and turning. In life you’ll have to worry about finances, family, career, education, vehicles, and more.

The way we handle all these things is by setting priorities, but we have to set our priorities correctly or else things will be out of balance. If we put too much emphasis on our careers then our families suffer. Too much time on a car and our finances can suffer. The trick is to find a good medium for handling and juggling these things. Every so often take some time and evaluate your life; is there an area that has become unbalanced? Fix it! Ask for help if you need it and do what you must so that you can balance all the necessary things in life.