About two, or maybe it was three, months ago our Wii gave up the ghost. We had noticed that it was starting to have issue because we would occasionally have trouble with it reading the discs for some games. At first we thought it might just be that the discs were scratched because, having kids, they don’t necessarily take the best care of the games as we would like. The issue turned out to be that the disc drive was failing, and eventually, it died.

Fast forward to now and we have a fixed Wii and we are enjoying the digital pleasures of looking silly in front of the TV. One of the things that I really like about the Wii is that a lot of games that we can play together as a family, even the kids. Bowling on Wii Sports is just a blast as we all try to keep up our Pro status. Playing together on a team in tennis is loads of fun, and of course taking the daily test to see how old we are is great.

Spending time together on something silly like playing a video game is a great way to get involved in each others lives. There is something about games, and that goes for board games as well, that can bring people together in ways that you don’t typically see. In fact you often times get to see the other side of a person that you didn’t know about before. Taking time together as a family and playing games not only helps people to relax and have fun, but builds family bonds that will last for years to come.