On Friday I talked about some of the memories I have of the summer of spent with my mom’s parents working in their shop. That summer wasn’t all work and I got to spend some personal time with my Mamma that was a lot of fun.

One of the things I love about my Mamma is that she wasn’t afraid to try different things. During that summer I spent with them we went to Great America just the two of us. I think most people have in their mind a picture of an old lady who doesn’t want to do anything but is willing to go and watch her grandson have fun. In reality, she was right there with me the whole time. We rode all the coasters, even the ones that went upside down, and she would laugh with me the whole time. I remember riding the bumper cars and she had no problem ramming me for all the car was worth.

I don’t remember much of the conversations that we had during those times but I remember the love that she has for me. Now that I’m grown I think back on those times and remember that love and as I watch them age I can remember those times when things are rough now. I know that I am a better man, husband, and father, because of the influence that they had on my life.

Now my grandparents are not perfect, in fact I’ve come to see a completely different side of them as our relationship has grown into adulthood, but that does not change their love for me or my love for them. I know that my life is complicated and I don’t have as much time as I would like, but every time I see them I remind them that if they need anything all they have to do is ask. Just like they would do anything to help me as I grew up I want to be there now to help them in any way that they need.