Have you ever had one of those days when you are so busy that you just can’t seem to focus? I’ve had several of those lately at my current place of employment and man, does it make life so much rougher. The good thing though is that as the close of Seminary draws near I feel more and more convicted to move on with my career and get back to a “normal” life.

I say normal because of the way my schedule works now. Right now I work nights, which really is not as bad as you would think. There is something almost relaxing about working at night in comparison with the day crew. For one, the day shift is significantly busier! Because we are slower at night I have, most of the time, the chance to get a lot of my reading homework done between calls which is really nice. Also there is no upper management around during the nights so there is very little to none of the political things that go on in an office. And last, but perhaps the most important, is that the pay is nicer at nights because they give us an 10% for working graveyards.

All that being said though, I can’t wait to get on a more normal schedule. I can’t wait to sleep at nights in the same bed as my wife! I can’t wait to have more of a social life, which sounds strange since I’m introverted, when my evenings are not taken up by having to go to work. There is also just something right about working during the day and resting in the evening.

So I can’t wait to get back to a “normal” life in regards to work, now I just need to find that perfect ministry job!