The wife and I recently procured iPhones and we have been having a blast with these fun little devices. Hannah has been all about the various games that are available and has found some real gems that are a good way to spend a few minutes while waiting for the kids to get out of school. One of the games that I heard about was “Words With Friends.”

Basically, it’s Scrabble. You know that crazy word game that really taxes your creativity and knowledge of the language. Even though it is an old formula the digital version provides some good advantages. For example, a game can be played at whatever pace you want. Each person has as much time as they want/need to make their move so games can easily last a week or more. I like this because I can forget about it while it’s not my turn and come back when it is. Another thing I like is that the game is that it won’t let you make illegal moves. If it doesn’t recognize it as a valid word, you can’t play it (which really made me mad when I couldn’t play ‘Zion’). But I think the greatest feature is the chat function.

Chat is really just that, it’s a little instant messenger that lets you communicate with the other player. I think the reason I like this so much is because I can text Hannah without incurring any text usages, and it really helps me to stay in contact with her. We have a lot of fun (well, at least I do) playing the silly game, and I feel like I’m able to communicate with her even when I wouldn’t be able to other wise. Sure I could pick up the phone and call her, but that’s usually frowned upon in the middle of the night.

It sounds like something trivial, but keeping in contact with those we love is a vital part of any relationship. If I went for a day, week, month, year or more without talking to Hannah, I don’t think our relationship would be there. The same is true in our relationship with Christ; yes, you won’t lose your salvation, but what kind of relationship will you have if you never pray or spend time in the word? It’s something we all struggle with sometimes but we have to get over it and make spending time with God a priority in our lives, just like spending time with the spouse. Now if only I can find a use for that ‘Z.’