Hard to believe but it’s been a whole year since I wrote my first Good Friday post. I know I haven’t posted much this year, at least starting in 2010, but I’m amazed that I’m still doing this a year later. So what does one write about when it comes to the subject of something you have already written about? Thankfully our God is infinite and so the things that can be said about him are also infinite.

I think for this year I want to focus on a traditional that has developed at our church which I have found to be very impactful in my life and is something that we will participate in again this evening. Tonight will be a simple service. We’ll have some worship music, and a short message discussing what happened this day and what we are remembering. Then comes the interesting part – we nail our sins to a cross.

Each person is given a small slip of paper that they can write whatever they want upon. Maybe a person is struggling with something in their life and they just want to release it to God. Maybe there is sin that needs to be confessed. Whatever the person feels they need to do all of those things are taken and physically nailed to a cross that we have in the front.

The experience is rather visceral and one that can really resonant with many people. There is something to be had in the experience of partaking in the death of Christ. It is something that I don’t think enough churches do and they really should. After all Christianity is not just a religion of the imagination, but these things are based on the real world. Sometimes more can be learned from such a simple action than can be learned in a hundred sermons. After all everyone has their own way of learning best.

Remember today as the day that the greatest sacrifice was made for you.