The other day we were driving down one of the major streets in our area and I noticed something interesting. Within the span of about half a mile there were 8 churches. Eight! Really? Can’t we all just get along?
Then a few days later we were on another street just one over from the street in question and another 7 churches were jn the same area! You’ve got to be kidding me. Can’t we all just get along?
Now I know that each of these churches is different; different preachers, different styles of worship, and dress, and ritual, but I can’t help wonder if this is wrong.
To be fair I know that there are some significant doctrinal issues that have to be addressed. There are those that hold to different views of salvation, and who Jesus is, but for the most part the issues are so small that it really shouldn’t cause us to be as divided as we are. If we all considered one another as more important than ourselves and lay aside our pride, we would find that we have some amazing brothers an sisters that we are missing out on the chance to love and minister with.
So the next time you drive past another church remember that they are not all that different from yourself and you may not get to know them here on earth, but you sure will in heaven!