It’s done. It’s over. Finished. Fin. Finito. SCHOOL IS OUT FOREVER!

Okay, just had to get that off my chest. There is no doubt that the road was long and arduous to finish up getting my Masters degree, but it was also very much worth it. I grew so much over my four years in Seminary, and of course learned a lot, but it also seems strange. Right now I don’t have any books that I’m required to read for example. The first week without classes made me feel like I was being lazy since there was only one book I was reading. The other thing is that I could read whatever I wanted – so I picked up a piece of fiction. The last fiction book I read was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, that’s how long its been.

Another interesting aspect to being out of school is that I don’t have to have my mind consumed with projects and assignments. I was lucky that I could do most of my homework in the evenings while I was at work so that saved a lot of stress and time at home. But even though that was the case there was still the looming sense of things to be done – papers to write, translation to do, conversations to have. Now though there is weight that seems to have been lifted from my shoulders. I can spend time working around the house without a sense that there is something for school I should be doing. I can enjoy a hobby without feeling guilty about the time spent on a non-school related activity.

I really enjoyed my time in Seminary and it is an experience that I would not give up for the world, but I’m glad to be done and I look forward to what the future may hold. Now I just have to find a job to put all those skills to use!