The family is going to be out-of-town for this week visiting my parents in the beautiful state of Colorado. Yes, I am jealous that they will be escaping the 114 degree weather we are expected to have and will instead be enjoying weather in the 60’s. At the same time this provides me with so quality alone time which I really enjoy. I usually try to make sure it’s not all just leisure time though while they are away.

For this week I plan on getting a lot of cleaning done. Frankly, the house is a disaster and like many things in life, it’s a constant battle to keep things even in the relative chaos that it is. So this week I’m going to work on getting things cleaned up since I won’t have to worry about someone coming along right behind me and messing it up.

The first step is that I’ve been planning this for a while. Beginning a few weeks ago I started to think about what I wanted to accomplish while the family is away. Often the house is in a little better shape so I try to steam the carpets, but that won’t be happening this time. Instead I’m going to tackle the “stuff.” You know, those things that lay around your house for God alone knows the reason. Those articles of clothing that just didn’t quite make it into the laundry basket, or those toys laying just next to the toy bin. My plan is to start in the kids rooms and work my way around the house. Toys are going in the bins, beds are getting made, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to see the floor again!

The other plan for the week is to get all of the laundry done. Now this is a daunting task and one that will consume most of the week I’m sure. If you go back to when I started the blog you’ll remember that I started detailing my journey to pare down my clothing. Imagine that three times over. Yeah, it’s that bad. While going through the cloths is a topic for another day, I want to at least get everything cleaned and put away. So the laundry machine will probably be going non-stop while I’m home and then I’ll fold it while watching some TV.

While all of this is going to be a lot of work the principle here is that I’m making good use of my time. I’m still going to relax and rest and enjoy this rare chance to have some alone time, but at the same time I’m also going to not waste this time. Which brings us to an interesting principle: what are we doing with the time we have been given? While this may apply to situations like mine and one can ponder what they would do with that “free” time, the higher question is what are you doing with the time that God has given you? After all, “…it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment.” (Heb 9:27) We don’t know when we God will want us to go home so the best thing to do is to live your life in such a way that you are ready any time.