Sunday I start preaching “full-time” as the interim pastor for Mountain View Bible Church. I am very excited for the chance to put my skills to work and improve my craft, but more than that I’m excited to see what God is going to do. Having never been in this type of position before I’ve found myself struggling with what direction to go, what do the people need, etcetera.

Part of the struggle steams from the fact that I’ve only been out there once and so I don’t know the people well enough to know what they need. This will come with time of course, but as I’m starting out it makes things a little difficult. On the other hand though there is the grace of our Lord and since all of his Word is beneficial I really can’t go wrong preaching from his Word. There is also the Holy Spirit to consider; he is going to work in the hearts of the people and so I can trust in him while I try to figure out the direction God wants me to go.

Another concern that I have is my schedule. Because I work nights I fear that I won’t be able to be as involved as I want to be. Sunday mornings can be a struggle since most of the time I’m only getting around two hours of sleep before I need to be up. Thankfully I’ve found at West Greenway by serving on the worship team that I get a lot of energy from serving. It can still be a struggle but there is something empowering about serving the Lord and his people. Hopefully my lack of sleep doesn’t get in the way of getting to know and minister to this dear saints.

A final item for prayer and consideration is that the church has been burned. The last couple of pastors they have had have abused the sheep and so they are a being cautious. Being caution is a good thing and one that I completely understand given what they have been through, but the problem is that there could (and probably will be) some hurdles to overcome. People are going to need time to heal and forgive and even though I’m a new person they may still carry over the baggage that the previous person dumped on them. This is just something that through prayer and time the Lord will have to heal.

Lord please don’t let me stand in the way of your work, but rather be your tool to minister to these sheep!