One of my favorite artists that I’ve followed since their first album is Caedmon’s Call. They have a wonderful sound – a fusion of rock, country, soul, and texas. They also produce some amazing lyrics which pull you in and have a depth of meaning that is rich in theology.

Their latest album (that they have released, they are actually in the studio recording a new project currently) is titled Overdressed. The theme of the album focuses on our relationship with God with songs like Trouble describing the condition the humans, even Christian, find themselves in. In contrast the song Sacred talks about the joys of parenting and how we can miss what is right in front of us.

The album also features some tunes with a bit of conviction such as Expectations. This song I find particularly cutting because it talks about how often times the church portrays itself as one thing to the world, but on the inside is nothing like the image. This track, like many of the others, features beautiful music with an acoustic guitar at the center that brings the force of the song home.

For fans of Caedmon’s Call’s previous works this is an album that should not be missed and for those that have not listened to much of this wonderful band I would highly recommend it.