When I think about mourning the first thing that comes to mind is a funeral. I’m sure that’s what most people think of since in our society there isn’t much to mourn over. We live in a place and time in which life is pretty cushy. We have our TV’s and our cars; we have our hobbies and we relegate anything that troubles us to the fringe. But when we start to examine what this beatitude means we find that Jesus has more in mind than just funeral weeping.

The first and second beatitudes fit together perfectly and in some ways the second stems from the first. In the first beatitude we find that the people of the kingdom of God should be known as people who repent (poor in spirit). In this beatitude we learn that we should be people who mourn, and we should mourn over our sin.

Now when you start thinking about your life it should be pretty easy to get depressed. We all still sin, and we usually continue to sin in the same manner. I’m sure there are sins that God has set you free from and for those we praise him, but there will still be those sins that we still commit. When we sin we should mourn over that sin, which should lead us to repent. Yet that is only half the story; the promise to those that mourn is that they will be comforted.

Remember that we are talking about being people of the kingdom; what comfort do we have in knowing our Lord! How comforting is it to be a part of the kingdom of God! We will sin and we will struggle, and when we do we mourn over those sins, but we also have comfort in Christ. And so we are free to mourn because we know that we will be comforted. Mourning without the promise of comfort leads to despair, but the promise of comfort leads to hope and security.

Mourning is hard and something that we try to avoid, but it is okay to let go and allow yourself to mourn so that Christ can comfort you in your time of need.