So today starts an interesting week for our household – we will be without television. In an effort to save a little dough we are converting our service to another provider, but they won’t get someone out to install our new service for a week. We could of course get someone out sooner, but why spend the extra cash.

Now we watch a fair amount in our household with shows like Mythbusters being one of our favorites. It’s nice when we are tired to sit down and just relax and veg out, but that will be different now. So as I thought about what we could do to fill the time over the next week some ideas surfaced.

1) Read. I love to read, and now that I’m out of school and have a choice of what to read, it’s even better! Right now I’ve been reading through the Wheel of Time series at night on my breaks, but this would be a great chance to read a little at home. One of my ideas is to implement a 1-hour dedicated reading time where everyone has to grab a book/magazine/picture book to fill the time. That way, it’s nice and quiet and we don’t have to worry about getting distracted or annoyed, because everyone will be reading.

2) Play board games. I find that when I play a board game I really enjoy, but getting the motivation to play a board game is another thing all together. The kids are still a little young to enjoy/understand some of the more complex games that I like, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t try. Sure they won’t be able to play Clue, but the kids have really enjoyed Mancala in the past. It will mean also having to play some of the younger games so the kids can have fun, but at least we’ll be doing it together.

3) Watch a movie. Just because we don’t have television programing doesn’t mean that the TV itself is broken. Just last night we watched The Goonies which was a riot for Hannah and I, and the kids really enjoyed it too (they even started planning out what they wanted to do on their adventure). Movies provide a nice contained storyline that the traditional shows don’t allow since they have less time, and they want to keep you hooked for longer over the year. There are also movies that we grew up with that are good for the kids to see. The graphics are horrible and the special effects are something I could do in my backyard, but they are still fun and entertaining.

4). Play Wii. Fun for the whole family, nuff said.

Really there are plenty of other activities that can be used to fill the time and I’m sure we won’t even miss it. And this gives us a chance to come together as a family in new ways which can help us experience different sides of each other.