You ever have one of those people in your life that just bother you? Everything about them just seems to irk you and get on your last nerve? I have someone like that at work and it’s been a struggle. Last week I’ll admit I failed miserably and was pretty rude and frustrated with this individual. But then this week started and God had some words for me.

Now in my life God often works in subtle ways and uses a 2×4 if he needs too. The more this individual and I interacted the more frustrated I got and so the Holy Spirit kindly stepped in and provided just a touch of what I needed: conviction. It’s one of those aspects of a Christians life that we all go through from time to time. The trick is recognizing what is happening.

Some times a still small voice is all it takes, and be thankful when it is. A gentle nudging that you know something is wrong and when you examine that wrongness you discover the sin in your life. With this person that is what happened to me; the Holy Spirit brought certain actions to mind and provided that uneasy feeling over the way I’d behaved.

Other times God works in harsher ways – maybe your day will go from bad to worse. Maybe what started as the subtle wrong sensation turns into pain. Remember that God disciplines his children (Heb 12:6) and he will use whatever method of disciple gets the point across.

Now of course the result of conviction should be repentance; once you recognize what God is doing don’t just stay in the same sin! Repent gives the idea of turning a 180 and going the other way, so turn around! Stop sinning in that way! Of course this won’t always be easy and some sins will be harder to overcome than others, but we need to pray and ask that God help us. In my case I still have to work with that individual – so I do my best to treat them better than I have in the past and work on developing at least a cordial relationship. Will we ever be bff (best friends forever)? Probably not. But at least I won’t hinder the kingdom work by being a stumbling stone to that person.