Men, today is going to be more geared towards you so ladies feel free to go out for a walk instead of reading this post. What I want to talk about today is keeping things interesting in our relationships with our wives, because the sad fact is that after we’ve been married for a while the spark will go away.

One of the best things you can do for your marriage is to take an interest in the things that interest your wife. Is she an avid reader? Then learn to love reading books and discuss them with her. Even if you can’t stand the things she’s into putting some effort into caring about whats important to her will demonstrate your love for her.

Go on a date. I know money can be tight today but it doesn’t have to be something expensive. Maybe you make a picnic and take it to the local park, or maybe just go out for a walk by yourselves to talk. One of the things that I do is make it a point to ask my wife about something from when she was growing up. Things like, “What was your favorite vacation spot?”, “What was your favorite Christmas present?” and things like that. Doing this really helps to get to know more about your wife which will show her that you care about her. Plus going on a date is a great chance for you to spend time together and focus just on the relationship.

Find your spouses love language. We all feel love differently and so we need to find out how we can show our wives that we love them. There is a great book called The Five Love Languages that is really good at helping learn this concept. The five discussed in the book are: 1) Words of Affirmation, 2) Quality Time, 3) Receiving Gifts, 4) Acts of Service, and 5) Physical Touch. I’m number 5 and my wife is 2/3.

Relationships are always going to be a lot of work and while these are just a few suggestions of things you might consider keep this in mind: we’re men and we like to work. Make it a goal to work on your relationship with your wife so that nothing can come between you.