Sarah's HairSarah has been growing out her hair for a very long time now. In fact, other than minor cuts, she has never had any serious cutting of her hair since she’s been born. It’s not that we have anything against her cutting her hair, she just liked it long and didn’t want to cut it.

When she came to us and said that she wanted to cut her hair we were a little surprised. What was surprising though was the reason she wanted to cut it. She wanted to cut her hair so she could donate it to Locks of Love. Now Locks of Love is an organization dedicated to helping children with cancer by providing them with wigs made from real hair. People donate their cut hair and then the organization produces the final product and provides it to the children in need. It’s a great program and one we were very happy to support.

What really amazed me though was Sarah’s heart and the way that she thought about others. When we came home from our cruise back in March I spoke to our church about how we are to consider others (here is a blog post I wrote about it). What a great example of that principle in action. I pulled her up on stage the next week and told our congregation about what she had done and what a great example she provided for us.

We as parents are very proud of her and I pray that she will continue to grow into an amazing, godly, woman.